Tired of running after your ever growing to-do list, mailbox and administration instead of spending more time with your clients, working ON your business (instead of IN it) or spending more fun time with your family, instead of?

Nova Efficiency can help you with that. We offers a wide range of services.

However, our specialization is in Customer Service Support and Boutique Websites.

Below you will find an overview of what we can offer you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

If you want to maximize the result of every potential customer that contacts you, you need a good customer service as the backbone of your office. You can promote and market your business and products all you want, but if there is nobody to communicate with each and every “potential” client, you will have wasted all your efforts. My team and I will catch every client that contacts you and answer all the questions they have in order to get them to book an appointment with you or buy your product.

They will not be sent into the woods with a vague impersonal, “have a look at this website for more information”.

Do you have a membership area or a teaching environment, we will be there to answer any questions about the content or supply service for login issues.

Everything from the implementation of systems to the execution of the service will be handled by Nova Efficiency.

Basic package starts at €500,-

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A professional boutique website is a small, economical information only website designed and created in a system called "". Each website is prepared from scratch, and is unique, with great care and attention to detail, through the design of an incredibly efficient system and process, which has been created by Nova Efficiency.
We aim to complete each site within 10 business days (from receiving ALL of the information requested from you or your approval on, a One-Step-Start document we’ll share with you within 1 business day after payment that covers all aspects and elements we need on the site).

Basic package starts at €350,-

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Get your overfull mailbox, desktop and/or cloud storage back into shape. We will clean and organize your email box and/or cloud storage so that you will be able to find everything within seconds.

Basic package starts at €400,-

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Personal (Virtual) Assistant
General Administrator
Social Media Assistant
Content Creator
Content Marketer
Graphic Designer

Basic package starts at €350,-

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Need ad-hoc assistance or just help with a one-off task?

No problem, you can hire our assistance at an hourly rate between €35 - €50,- depending on the type of task.